How Effective Is The Paleo Diet

The 9,000 plus Consumer Reports readers placed the Paleo diet as the second best diet in their list.

This diet plan is also called the caveman diet, which is part of the “Top 40 Best Diets” of the US News and World Reports. The surveys were based on both personal experiences and the inputs of health experts.

The key concept of the Paleolithic diet can be linked to a Walter Voegtlin’s 1975 book. This gastroenterologist believed that the ancient way of eating can help us regulate our weight. In 1985, the diet was further improved by Melvin Konner and Boyd Eaton. Loren Cordian made this very trendy in 2002 by releasing his book entitled “The Paleo Diet.”

If we look closer at the Paleo diet, it actually promotes the hunter-gatherer eating practices from the Paleolithic Era. It brings back the old eating habits with a little twist to fit the modern man’s dietary needs. Also the Paleo diet gets rid of the processed, packaged and unhealthy foods. This is one reason why it is said to be particularly helpful for type-2 diabetics, according to the 7 steps to health.

This diet method includes huge quantities of seeds, fruits, and vegetables along with dodging of added salt and refined sugars. The Paleo diet introduces healthy changes and lifestyle. According to Stephen Devries, M.D. of Gaples Institute for Integrative Cardiology, this is such a life changing journey for everyone to enjoy.

However, the meat prominence of the program concerns some health advocates. They all agree that the huge portion of red meat should be discouraged, given that this is linked to the increase of cancer and heart disease threats.
Nevertheless, there is another good reason you might want to commit to the untainted Paleo lifestyle. You are not allowed to feed yourself with starchy tubers like sweet potatoes as well as grains such as corn, rice, oats, wheat and quinoa.

But Marion Nestle, M.P.H. Ph.D. and the Paulette Goddard Professor of Nutrition, Food Studies and Public Health do not understand or see any nutritional logic of prohibiting these foods. Eliminating such food groups is a real challenge to maintain in the long run. A healthy diet should be simple and uncomplicated. According to Nestle, processed food should be eliminated and a person should fight overeating.

One who follows the Paleo diet plan eats roughly 700 mg of calcium every day; the amount could go as high as 1,000mg for men aging 19 to 50 years old. It is also expected that he or she will get levels of vitamin D, which usually comes from fortified and dairy foods. Paleo does not totally prohibit one from slurping down soda or sweetened juices.

According to the experts, you can take supplements like forskolin or green tea extract to advance the good results of the Paleo diet. You can search and read some Paleo and forskolin weight loss reviews. By doing so you will learn more ways how a diet and supplements can help you get that ideal weight.

If you religiously follow the Paleo diet, you can get healthy and lean. In addition, think of your health as your wealth and focus on the origin of the calories you eat. It may be advantageous for you to include the best principles of dieting.

If you cannot keep with the demands of Paleo, you can focus on eating a little of whole foods to avoid starving yourself to the extreme. However if you think you can devote your life to the Paleo diet plan, stick to lean proteins only. Bow to the supplementation practice so that you will get all the nutrients the body needs to function well.

The Paleo diet plan had its peak in the year 2003. This happened to be the most popular diet in the world at that time. Since these days, the diet is still among the most intriguing with strong opposition from different mainstream nutrition groups and many health experts. The health industry is divided when it comes to this kind of dietary plan; some think it is hale and hearty, while some say it’s utterly detrimental.

Luckily, science could provide some significant answers to these questions. There were some studies specifically conducted to provide clarification about the Paleo diet’s effectiveness.

Paleo simply imitates the diet of our “hunter-gatherer ancestors.” The creator of the diet believed that the ancient diet was very healthy provided that they did not suffer from similar diseases as what we are experiencing in this modern world.

Paleo promotes healthy consumption of unprocessed plants and animals ingredients, which include fruits, seeds, nuts, fish, meat and eggs. But a few of the latest version of this diet allows some prohibited foods like rice and dairy.

According to some nutrition experts, you can maximize the effects of Paleo if you include some of the super foods like curly green kale, redbor kale or Swiss chard. You can also visit and shop at the local farmers market to get the most affordable and freshest fruits and vegetables.

To make your entire family healthy, try to introduce a milder version of the Paleo diet to your spouse and kids. Teach your children about the importance of healthy eating habits. It is also a good suggestion to follow that you consult a certified dietician before starting the Paleo diet to get smart food choice tips.